What To Know About Using Bitcoin Purchasing Services

4 October 2018
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Purchasing and investing in Bitcoin requires that you use a third party. The third party acts as a go between to help you buy, sell, and access the funds you gain from Bitcoin. This works much the same way as someone acting as a third party brokerage service for stock purchases. If you are considering stepping into the world of Bitcoin, there are a few things you should know about using purchasing services such as Creditcoin. Read More 

3 Tips To Use A Cash Advance Responsibly

29 August 2018
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If you just found out that you need to pay your mechanic all the money you currently have in your bank account, you might panic if you have to wait another week until your next payday. In this situation, you could try to live without any money for the week, or you could consider taking a cash advance. A cash advance offers a way to get money now, and here are three tips to help you do this responsibly. Read More 

Can You Get Cash For Gold Dental Crowns?

26 June 2018
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Dental crowns do not last forever; they typically remain on your teeth anywhere from 5 to 15 years. When a crown falls out or gets removed by a dentist, you can't reuse it. However, you can sell your crown to a company that buys scrap metal if your dental fixture has a high gold content. Many crowns are made from gold alloys rather than pure gold, which means your crown may contain less than 25% gold. Read More 

3 Non-Jewelry Items That You Can Sell To A Gold Buyer

14 January 2018
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When you think about selling something to a gold buyer for cash, you might think about bringing in necklaces, rings, and other jewelry. Of course, if you have unwanted gold jewelry, you should know that selling it to a gold buyer is a good way to get rid of it and to get cash for it at the same time. However, you should also know that jewelry is not the only type of item that you can sell to a gold buyer. Read More