3 Ways To Get A Credit Card After Declaring Bankruptcy

17 June 2015
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Creditors are going to look at your history before extending you any lines of credit, including basic credit cards. This can be frustrating for people who simply made bad business decisions, rather than used their credit cards thoughtlessly. Here are some ideas for helping to make sure that you are able to get a credit card after going through bankruptcy in order to make sure that you have access to money in the case of an emergency.

1. Try Getting a Secure Credit Card

This is the easiest method because it's basically a miniature debit card. When you apply for a secure credit card, the credit card company will ask you to put down a certain amount of money or higher that will function as your credit limit. You will be allowed to spend up until this limit is reached and then stopped until you give the credit card company more money. It's basically just a pre-paid credit card, but it can be tremendously helpful because it will ensure that you are able to set aside money in case you need a larger sum to fix your car or pay for medical treatment.

2. Get a Smaller Loan

If you are able to plan ahead and don't need the money right away, getting a smaller loan from a bank or other institution that will offer you fair interest rates is an excellent way to allow you to have access to the funds that you need, as well as build your credit. As long as you pay each monthly payment on time and in full, you will be able to slowly rebuild your credit and even be able to get a normal credit card by the time that your smaller loan is paid off. 

3. Show That Your Life is Stable

If possible, show that your life is stable. Bring in any documents that prove that you have a steady job and have held it for more than five years, that you have lived in the same place for several years, that you have older children that often live with you, or that you are married. These indicate that you've got your life figured out and will be able to commit to paying off your bills regularly, without having to be harassed by the banks. Establishing stability is a great way to help creditors trust you.

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